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There’s truth to the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Artist Damon Lamar Reed brings that truth to reality.  He learned early on, that regardless of the medium, his purpose was to inspire. Damon often says, “I paint raps and I rap paintings.” His goal is to create messages that reach the depth of the human condition.

Damon’s latest project merges the two arts.  Life App, short for Life Application, is a full-length album paired with a book containing a painting inspired by each song.  Reed describes it as an audio and visual journey of his path to attain greatness. 

LIFE APP - consists of 3 elements:

LIFE SONGS - 15 introspective & transparent songs to do your favorite dance to while you Get Your Life!

LIFE LESSONS - stories & thoughts that give insight and foresight on Damon, including; Life Challenges at the end of every lesson, & ways to help you Get Your Life!


LIFE WORKS - original works of art based on each song to help you see the vision for greatness & inspire you to Get Your Life!

***Album available on all streaming outlets***


Purchase book & listen to full album & other albums here:



Damon is a true believer in the POWER of art and its ability to bring about positive change.

Rocky, August Rush, and Singing in the Rain; a few of my favorite films. Some laced with drama, some with comedy, but all INSPIRE. I aim to make art with the depth of films I love so much. As an avid movie watcher, it is important that work I do tell a story. I equate each piece to an inspirational drama.  Optimism, resilience, and forward progress are themes that can be seen throughout my art.  I aim to make my work 100% me, while still relating to the community at hand.

Without the illustrious dance sequences, Singing in the Rain wouldn’t be the masterpiece it is. The same is true for my art. While the message may be key, there is no art without beauty.  I draw the viewer in with bold color schemes and interesting compositions. And even basic images always contain deeper revealed meaning. The issues of everyday life provide more than enough ammunition to inspire me. It’s my goal to create something unique and dynamic, something that will evoke emotion.

[selected client list]

City of Chicago.    Chicago Public Schools.   Accion/The Hatchery.    Bad Axe Throwing.   Primerica.   Ticketmaster.   Downtown Memphis Commission.    Sears.    Allstate.   

University of Northern Texas.   Florida Gulf Coast University.    The Legacy Foundation.   The Chicago Lighthouse.    Chicago's Home of Chicken & Waffles.    Liberty Taxes.

Getting Better Fitness.    Great Expectations Learning Center.    Salem Baptist Church.

All Nations Worship Assembly.    Children's Memorial Hospital.   Club Quarters Hotel.   Lawndale Comm. Development Corp.   New Orleans African American Museum.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago.    Indianapolis Art Council.   

[current organizations]

Chicago Public Art Group.   Beverly Art Center.   

Archi-treasures.   The Luv Institute.   345 Art Gallery

Damon Lamar Reed.   773-835-1832.

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